60 Glorious Years of Jackie Chan


After 60 years in the film and entertainment industry, Jackie Chan has created inspiring and iconic screen images, becoming one of the world's most well-known stars as the "King of Kung Fu." He is the spokesperson for Kung Fu films, opening a wide window to the world to understand Chinese culture. He influences the world with affection and dedication to society as a philanthropist and mentor. To inspire the new generation with fighting spirit, we specially designed six figurines celebrating the glorious six decades of Jackie Chan. They are unique, friendly reminders of Jackie Chan as the superstar but also your best friend by your side, cheering you on. These figurines are meant to be passed down as an inheritance of inner greatness, to help you develop Jackie Chan's philosophy: Always follow your heart, realize your dreams, be your own hero, and live a splendid life.

Hatching Dragon (1962-1972)

The first decade of Jackie Chan: Young Jackie is a fledgling with a fighting spirit for the future as a true Kung Fu master. Greatness can be born, but it can also be learned. He inspires you to always follow your heart, create your own story, stay steady and ready to be your own hero on the road chasing your dreams.

Kung Fu Dragon (1972-1982)

The second decade of Jackie Chan: He gave full play to his own advantages, broke the conventional tricks of Kung Fu in action films, and rose to fame in the film and entertainment industry. He inspires you to be unique and golden, shining with your own truth and heart.

Fighting Dragon (1982-1992)

The third decade of Jackie Chan: He created his own Kung Fu comedy style, constantly challenging himself physically and mentally. Any small, ordinary props were used by him to showcase eighteen kinds of martial arts in his films. His inventiveness was praised by friends, saying, “No one can defeat Jackie Chan in the furniture market.” He inspires you to love what you do and play with different styles to make your own way.

Persevering Dragon (1992-2002)

The fourth decade of Jackie Chan: Jackie went to Hollywood many times, never giving up to be a movie star and Kung Fu master. He conquered the world stage and screen with dedication and perseverance, breaking out in the U.S. as an icon. He became the most famous Chinese film star, the only Jackie Chan in the world. He inspires you to hold on even what you want to give up and remember that you can be yourself as the number one hero.

Panda Dragon (2002-2012)

The fifth decade of Jackie Chan: Jackie’s favorite animal is the panda. He carries his stuffed pandas, “Longlong” and “Fengfeng,” with him anywhere he goes as his schedule becomes busier and busier. They’re a symbol of comfort and childlike innocence, reminding him to stay strong but also soft in his approach to life. He inspires you to be adorable even when in action.

Legendary Dragon (2012-2022)

The sixth decade of Jackie Chan: He is undeniably a legend, an icon, and a hero to millions of people. He has won numerous awards, breaking barriers as a Chinese movie star and Kung Fu master. His fame from films encouraged him to contribute to sports, public welfare, social concerns, and entertainment projects. He is a true star, shining bright, because everyone knows his name. Jackie Chan. The one and only. After sixty years of doing what he loves, he has become a hero in real life for anyone who dreams big but doesn’t know where to begin. He inspires you to realize your dreams, take destiny in your hands, and be your own hero first so you can be a hero to everyone.

Dragon Family (1962-2022)

2022, the 60th anniversary of Jackie Chan’s debut. After 60 years in the industry, he has created inspiring and classic screen images one by one and he has become a well-known star -“King of Kung Fu” .
He is one of the most famous Chinese people in the world.
He wears a Tang suit, carries panda dolls with him..
As an ordinary person, Jackie Chan inspires and conquers fans around the world with his dedication and struggle and he has a label of “can’t die, never be defeated”.
For 60 years, Jackie Chan has always “Keep Struggling” and eventually become his own hero.
He is the spokesperson for Chinese kung fu movies and has opened a window to the world to understand Chinese culture. Influence others with affection for the world and love for society. In order to inspire a new generation of young people and promote the spirit of struggling, this year, we launched “Jackie Chan Glorious 60 Years Figures”, Jackie Chan not just on the screen,bring Jackie Chan‘s companion into real life;
Looking forward to Jackie Chan’s figure inspiring all fans to inherit and develop “Spirit of Jackie Chan” and “Always keep struggling”, Be your own hero, realize your dreams, and live a splendid life。

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