6 Divisions of Global Asian Media & Entertainment


•Live streaming Asian events across the globe. Including and not limited to Art, cultural, fashion and lifestyle events featuring Asian arts and Asian cultures.
•Asian American awards

Content & Music

•English-language content & music featuring Asian cast and creative talents
•Asian-language content & music from Asian and global creative talents
•Digital content from global Asian influencers
•Books, Comic books, & Publications by Asians writers/illustrators

Merchandising & Licensing

•Brands and products created by Asians for Asian and the world
•Licensing and merchandising of Asian celebrities and brands

Web3 and Game

•Web3, metaverse, NFT
•Games and Apps
•Technology partnerships

Investment & Ventures

•Asian American Media Fund for Asian creative led content
•Venture fund to seed Asian founders


Social Responsibility

•Asian diversity & including, equitable stakes, and social issues
•Climate change & sustainability

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Our Unique Competitive Advantages

Asian representation is more important now than ever. GAME is a channel that will celebrate and validate Asian content on the most powerful platform, Roku. To build community and maximize interest, GAME will create a unique and engaging fan experience that not only connect with our existing communities but reach far beyond to retain new audiences with real-time and high-impact content with their favorite talents and stories wherever they go.

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Vision and Mission

Global Asian Media & Entertainment is a global entertainment company founded by two Asian leaders with decades of experiences in media, film/TV, music, fashion, events, real estate and technology.

The mission of GAME is to to present the highest quality, English and Asian-language global entertainment content, music, and events as well as Asian culture inspired products, services and lifestyles for the global market.

The company focuses on bringing together the world’s top creative talents and projects combining them with Asia’s best, to create globally marketable intellectual properties, services, products and arts. 

Global to Asia

Asia to Global

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